Can the stickers be cleaned?

Very easily with a damp cloth or paper towel. Warning! Clean without  toxic detergents and chemicals.

Can I create my own sticker?

Easy and fast, contact us directly and we will manufacture it for you.

Can toy print a photo of mine at the canvas?

Of course yes, contact us, send the photo or file you want and we will create it for you.

The colors I see on my computer are different from the reality?
The adamshop company uses special programs to our printing machines for the correct output  color. The photos  you see on your screen are approximate the colors of a standard computer screen, so many of the colors you see, can be affected by differences of the screen and the lighting-contrast conditions of the screen.

On which surfaces can stick the stickers?

adamshop  stickers apply to:
• walls (as the wall is smooth, free of dust and moisture, for better fit)
• windows, shop windows (ideal application)
• mirrors (ideal application)
• refrigerators (ideal application)
• furniture (smooth surfaces for better fit)
• tiles (smooth surfaces for better implementation - attention to the joints)
• aluminum surfaces (smooth)
• surfaces plexi glass (acrylic)
• glossy marble
Surfaces do not stick the stickers:
• on freshly painted walls (up to 2 weeks)
• on rough surfaces
• on surfaces with silicone
• on textiles
• in general ,on surfaces with dust or moisture

Can I place my own?

Of course. In every order we send installation instructions. For any questions do not hesitate to contact us. CAUTION, the larger the patch, it needs more effort, so it is better, placement be done by at least 2 people.
How can I place Shelves signage at the shelves?
There are various kinds of Shelves signage and differently adjusting. In the e-shop details are provided for each item.

Can I construct my own exhibition system / stand?

Yes, please contact us.

For any questions we are at your disposal. Send us a mail with your question and we will respond immediately.